Woodhaven Veneers and Implants

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth can discolor over time but they dont havve to stay that way.  we offer three differrent types of teeth whitening.  we can advise you which may be the best for your situation.

1.  In office whitening


     After a thourough cleaning of your teeth, we apply a whitening gel to the teeth 3 to 

    4 times over a period of about an hour.  This option is good for those that desire a

    fast procedure, done in one day, that gives a good result.  If you have a wedding 

    the next day and want whiter teeth fast, this option is for you!


2.   Take home whitening


    We make a mold of your teeth that allows us to fabricate a custom

    fitted tray for the upper and lower  teeth.  We will show you how to apply a special

    whitening gel in the tray and how it is placed over your teeth.  You will wear the 

    trays at home for about 30 minute for 2 weeks.  This gives a very good result for           most people.


3.   Power whitening


    This is a combination of the 2 techniques above.  We start with a one hour in office

    whitening procedure and give you custom fitted trays to use at home.  This gives 

     brightest and whitest results.

Its best to consult your dentist to understand which whitening option is best for you.